Seat Belt Repairs

We have a CASA-approved scheme for the repair / modification of aircraft seat belts/harnesses. It works this way: Belts that have webbing showing unusual hardening or softening of the webbing, cuts or abrasions, fading from exposure are re webbed and released back into service.

If hardware is corroded, deformed or an inertia reel does not fully retract we replace these with identical parts or, if not available, then equivalent parts. If not repairable we quote to supply a new one of identical dimensions. Prices vary depending upon the number of parts to the belt/harness, hardware condition, and if an inertia reel is involved. Contact us for prices.

We will only re web a belt/harness that we can positively identify as an approved aviation product. Generally this means it must have a legible label showing compliance with CASR Part 21 or the foreign equivalent - usually TSO C22. If the label is illegible but we can identify your belt by reference to a supplier catalogue, we will refurbish it.

Vintage and War Bird restorations often present a particular challenge. We can source obscure USA Mil-Spec hardware and, generally, match original military webbing types/colours.

On completion of your re web, we provide you with a Authorised Release Certificate CASA Form 917 to certify that the part is serviceable.