Lap belt "Y" shoulder harness with reel, N206-A, N206-B, N206-D

The N206 seat harness is a quality product, which matches what is found on many American-manufactured General Aviation and Sport Aviation aircraft. This belt uses the popular AMSAFE lift-to-open buckle and adjustable plug-in connector. The premium 25G equivalent product is the N103-C.

  • Illustrated (below) is the N206-A. Note that the -B and -D have different fittings. Standard dimensions (in millimetres) are shown. When ordering specify if different dimensions are required.
  • The standard webbing colour is black. A limited range of stock colours is available.
  • 9G rated for fitment to aircraft certificated in all categories other than agricultural. Suitable for acrobatic aircraft. May have a N208 crotch strap installed.
  • The inertia reel provides freedom of movement until a 2.5G force occurs at which time it locks positively.

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Model: N206-A Black Webbing

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Model: N206-B Black Webbing

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Model: N206-D Black Webbing

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