Child Restraint, N211

The N211 Child Restraint allows a child to be restrained on the parents lap. The extension fits between the buckle and connector when using the N201 lap belt for persons in Low and High Capacity Public Transport aircraft that use the AMSAFE belts. When ordering be aware:

  • AMSAFE Standard Lightweight Buckle 501000 and/or 500955 are the industry standard for airline passengers and, the AMSAFE Heavy Duty Buckle 5000B2 and/or 5000B3 is common in General Aviation aircraft. see AMSAFE Buckles
  • The standard webbing colour is black. A limited range of stock colours is available.
  • 9G rated for fitment to aircraft certificated in all categories other than agricultural and acrobatics.

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Model: N211-LIGHT Black Webbing

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Model: N211-HEAVY Black Webbing

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