Cargo Nets

We have a range of nets that we have made for particular aircraft models. Give us a call with your requirements. We can fabricate bulkhead nets, throw-over nets and restraint straps that attach to existing seat rails and/or anchor points which conform to CASA standards. If the aircraft is not set up for freight then we can have our associates design a complete “system”. This will include the net, aircraft hardpoints, attachment fittings and take account of emergency exit requirements, placarding, weight and balance, floor loading, lighting protection, fire protection needs, etc.

Detailed drawings will be raised for the net, hardpoints and special fittings. A Flight Manual Supplement will be produced to define the use of the restraint system for the pilot. The design effort will typically cost somewhere between $400-$1000 depending upon the complexity of the system. The installation of hardpoints, protective lining, etc, will be the responsibility of the owner. We give you a firm price for net fabrication once the drawings are prepared.

We repair cargo restraints that are worn or damaged. Where the net can be identified by its label or reference to an approved drawing we provide a CASA Authorised Release Tag to allow it to return to service.