S027 Helicopter Winch Crew Harness

This articulated harness has been expressly developed for helicopter crew performing “down-the-wire” rescue work. Essentially it is a rappelling harness with upper body harness. It is also suitable for on-land rescue by Emergency Service personnel who require a full-body harness.

The S027 has provision for an optional (S027-C008) inflatable buoyancy chamber.

The “articulating” rings on the hips allow the wearer to comfortably walk distances, bend forward without the harness becoming slack, and to tip over backwards without the fear of falling out.

This harness has been tested to Australian Standard AS 1891:1983 for industrial belts and harnesses and is approved by CASA under the provisions of CAR (1998) 21.305A. Application to an individual aircraft requires separate approval. Limited to maximum drop height capacity of 1.8 metres.



Part No: S027
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Part No: S027-C008
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